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Collection: Pedego Group Rides 2025

Let the Fun Begin!

PLEASE READ: Updates to include more information about the rides have been added to this detail.

If you register and plans change, just email or text me at least 24 hours before and I will credit your ride. 

Rides are Pedego led.  All Pedego owners and anyone wanting to rent a Pedego are welcome to  join us! Riders must be registered for the ride and must be on a Pedego bike. See individual rides to reserve your space and your rental bike.

WHO: Pedego Owners Group (POG) tours are geared for Pedego owners, guests of Pedego owners and renters.

  • OWNERS: Most rides are $10 for Pedego owners but check each ride for any changes. Some out of town rides are a bit more.
    • If you own a Pedego, but need help with transporting the bike, please contact us at 612.827.5000. We will do our best to help.
  • POG GUEST/RENTERS: Must rent a Pedego bike. This ride is exclusive to Pedego bikes.
    • Bike Rental $30 - rented Pedego will be brought to tour start (see each tour for start address).
    • POG Guests and renters MUST provide their height as requested.
    • Helmets will be provided to Pedego renters.
    • NOTE: Renters must remain with the group leaders.

*** All riders must wear helmets and Pedego will provide safety vests if requested. ***

HOW TO FIND A RIDE: Rides are named to indicate WHEN they are so they are in date order but it is easy to find weekend rides or morning, daytime or evening rides based on your schedule with a simple search for "weekend", "AM", "PM" or "Midday" (use CTRL-F or Find in Page).

READ EACH RIDE DESCRIPTION! All individual ride descriptions show up on the BOTTOM of the SIGNUP page. And that is where you will also find the link to the RideWithGPS map.

Be sure to note where rides are starting. While rides may start from our Eden Prairie or Mendota Heights store location, many start elsewhere. Don't end up in the wrong place!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Ride trail routes have been chosen with an effort to use designated bike trails, separate from traffic, as much as possible. While some rides will involve traffic crossings, every effort will be made to ensure rider safety; leaders will wear flourescent vests and will manage traffic as needed.

Speed: Riders should be comfortable with traveling at level PAS2 (11 mph). Some rides may split or follow different trails for faster riders. If a group agrees, rides may use PAS3 (14 mph) when safe and appropriate.

Ride Timeframe: Due to road conditions, group capabilities and length of ride, timing for any tour may vary. Leaders will maintain contact and monitor the riders to ensure a safe and comfotrable ride. Riders are expected to bring their own water, but water will also be provided if necessary. Stops will ensure time for riders to refresh and walk periodically.

We will do our best to start rides promptly. If you are experiencing a delay, please call or text the tour leader, Kathy Hacmac, directly on her cell phone, 612-986-7934.

TOUR ROUTE MAPS: All rides have an associated RideWithGPS map; these maps are free to download! Find the link at the bottom of the ride description and download it. There is a map but also Cues that provide information on the ride and directions.

2024 Calendar: PDF format 

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