Boomerang Platinum - State of MN eBike
Boomerang Platinum - State of MN eBike

Boomerang Platinum - State of MN eBike

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This premium product Boomerang is everything the standard Boomerang is, but better. Suspension up front and in your seat post, higher end brakes, 10speed super-smooth shifting and a torque sensor in addition to the cadence sensor. Torque is subtle; its always on in the background. Cadence sensors bring you to certain speed levels and keep you there. In any of the Platinum models, you can switch between the two sensors in the display depending on the type of ride or your energy level.


The Boomerang: Platinum Edition is for those who refuse to settle for less. It makes the most accessible electric bike ever even more lovable with premium upgrades.

Includes 52V/17 - 750 watt motor. Platinum gray color only.

The 24" Boomerang Platinum fits riders 5'-5'4" perfectly.
the 26" Boomerang Platinum fit's riders 5'5" and taller.
Smooth Ride
A high-end suspension fork allows you to effortlessly glide over bumps in the road. A simple lockout switch saves energy when you don’t need the suspension.
Stop on a Dime
Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes stop on a dime with the greatest of ease. The levers are easier to pull than normal disk brakes, and they feel more responsive.
Easy Pedaling
A larger front chainring and deluxe 10-speed drivetrain provide fluid shifting and comfortable pedaling – even at high speeds. A torque sensor in addition to the cadence sensor allow you to choose the effort and pressure you put into each pedal stroke.

Add custom State of MN fenders to give this Pedego a "made just for you" look!