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Trail Tracker Fat Bike 24"
Trail Tracker Fat Bike 24"

Trail Tracker Fat Bike 24"

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The Trail Tracker is the monster truck of electric bikes.

4” wide tires empower you to effortlessly float over virtually any terrain including sand, mud or even snow.

Like all Pedegos, the performance of the Trail Tracker is second to none. It’s range and power simply can’t be beat, and it’s a real thrill to ride!

  • A state of the art, geared motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.
  • The cutting edge, lithium battery is lightweight and long lasting with an industry leading three year warranty. It’s integrated into the frame for sporty handling, and it can be charged on or off the bike.

The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it, and the Trail Tracker is designed with you in mind. It’s fully loaded with user-friendly features that make riding even more fun. It includes:

  • A twist-and-go throttle for full power on demand
  • Five levels of pedal assist mode for a more natural riding experience
  • An LCD display with a USB charging port for you phone
  • Seven gears for easy pedaling
  • Top of the line disk brakes that stop on a dime
  • And a front light for your safety

The Pedego Trail Tracker is extremely fun to ride and it opens up a whole new world of exciting off road adventures.